LED Video Wall Manuals!

Never used an LED Wall Before? These videos will (hopefully) take you from clueless to expert! I’ll be uploading more and more every week, so keep this page bookmarked!

This is the entire collection, and below you can click to watch each individual video! Best of all, these videos are FREE! Big thanks to Blizzard Lighting for sponsoring this series!



  1. Overview of the Novastar TB6
  2. Inside an LED Video Wall Panel
  3. Setting up the LED wall
  4. HDMI and Scaling
  5. Set up LED wall using NovaLCT software
  6. Replace the receiving card
  7. Replace the mask
  8. Replace one of the modules
  9. Drive two LED walls with one controller!
  10. Correct the color/configuration on an already-installed panel