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I love CompuShow. And you will, too! Check out these awesome tutorials below!!

This is the entire collection, and below you can click to watch each individual video! Best of all, these videos are FREE!

Download the updated MIDICON file HERE

* Some videos may discuss BETA options.



  1. What is CompuShow and what can it do? Part I
  2. CompuShow Walkthrough Part II
  3. CompuShow + MIDICON review
  4. Why I love CompuShow and why CompuSDE is the way to go!
  5. CompuShow Walkthrough revisited and how Compu can be used for beginners!


  1. Getting Started
  2. Adding fixtures (aka PAGES)
  3. Adding fixtures (pages) and organizing: revisited!
  4. Use a light right away with ZERO scene creation!
  5. Learn how to organize your fixtures and create GROUPS!
  6. CompuShow Palettes: SPEED UP PROGRAMMING!
  7. Back to basics: Create a scene instantly!
  8. Create a scene out of a macro / create scenes without opening the editor.
  9. Back to basics: Create a scene w/EasyStep!
  10. Back to basics: Create a scene w/EasyTime!
  11. Creating Sound Active Programs
  12. Tired of buttons resetting when you click another? Learn how to disable auto-release here!
  13. Share your fixture page and all the scenes with your colleagues, even if they have a different DMX mapping…even if on another UNIVERSE!
  14. Added new fixtures to a page? Updating your shows is easy. Here’s how to copy and paste!X
  15. Learn how to make your own remote control on iOS or Android. Super easy and POWERFUL!
  16. Learn about dragging scenes to move them, merge, copy, etc across pages!
  17. Fade between scenes for clean transitions!
  18. Trigger scenes with a calendar.. or even the sun!
  19. Select Next/Previous and even pause scenes with the touch of a button!


  1. Windows has a dirty little secret.. and it may be preventing you from fully saving your shows! The fix is here!
  2. Here’s MY CompuShow layout.. what’s yours like?
  3. Creating a master dimmer for a fixture with no dimmer trait / organizing dimmer hierarchy
  4. Use MIDICON wheels (or any midi slider) to control X,Y coordinates
  5. Use your MIDICON wheels (or any midi dial / fader) to control RGB values!
  6. Control all the LED floods at the same time, no matter the make and model; also learn about ZONES
  7. We made a pretty matrix wall.. you can, too!
  8. More on Matrices and pixel-mapping
  9. My MIDI setup is almost more important than the show itself! Here’s how to manually back it up!
  10. You know that cool effect where a show flashes white, dims down, and resets back to where it was? Here’s how!
  11. AWESOME use multiple moving heads or scanner to track one object at the same time, no matter the position of the light.
  12. Multiple dimmers may clash with your layout. Learn how to really take advantage of how you control your show live!
  13. Use a joystick to control lights!
  14. Use MIDI to control attributes of only certain fixtures
  15. Create a master strobe!
  16. CompuShow allows DMX recording… including patching to a different address or fixture type!
  17. Have an LED fixture with RGB or RGBAW, etc control but no dimmer? No worries! Virtual dimmers to the rescue! You can also use this to dim certain channels of the light without affecting the whole unit, such as in RGBAWUV fixtures!
  18. Keep moving lights on the dance floor only! X,Y limiting!
  19. Virtual Selector – What is this new and wondrous option? What if I told you a button is more than a button?
  20. CompuShow can control your favoite MIDI program. Here’s how!
  21. Learn a bit about Compressions and triggering a series of scenes from one fader!
  22. Learn about the DMX record and passthrough option and see CompuShow’s POWERFUL DMX merger!!!
  23. Learn how to merge DMX and Kling-net and why it’s awesome!
  24. Want to grab individual fixtures and do some live control? This video show you using LED pars as an example!
  25. Advanced: Learn how the scene .xml works and share SPECIFIC scenes with other users
  26. Control functions on current page
  27. Use ONE fader/wheel to control multiple functions/attributes!
  28. Cue scenes up and activate them at the same time
  29. Want to cue multiple buttons within one light? It can be done…
  30. My layout: January 2017
  31. Live Palettes – The ultimate busking tool!
  32. Set up ArtNet


    1. MIDICON Walkthrough Part I and II
    2. MIDICON setup: Revisited
    3. Recall pages with MIDI buttons; featuring 2 way communication with MIDICON
    4. Recall pages via MIDI: REVISITED
    5. Use MIDICON wheels (or any midi slider) to control X,Y coordinates
    6. Use your MIDICON wheels (or any midi dial / fader) to control RGB values!
    7. My MIDI setup is almost more important than the show itself! Here’s how to manually back it up!


  1. MIDICON setup: revisited

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  1. El patch!

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