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Arkaos Media Master Video Manuals

Media Master takes everything you love about GrandVJ and brings it to a pro level!

This is the entire collection of video tutorials I’ve made so far, and below you can click to watch each individual video! Best of all, these videos are FREE!

Download SYPHON’S .QTZ plugin! HERE


  1. Let’s make an affordable but POWERFUL computer to run Media Master! *This was a GrandVJ tutorial, but applies for Media Master
  2. Let’s explore Media Master’s interface!
  3. Using Media Master for the first time
  4. Check out the new Media Master 5!
  5. Understanding Positions
  6. Use your library in any computer!
  7. Using the VideoMapper plugin to shape your video onto an odd-shaped screen! *This was made for GrandVJ XT but the mapper is the same
  8. The Cue Player allows you to automate your show. Let’s see how!
  9. Let’s talk about Timecode!
  10. Control Pixel Tape with Media Master
  11. This new app (Android and iOS) allows you to visualize a KlingNet device for easy programming on the go!
  12. The KlingForce Simulator lets you premap your pixel tape without wiring a single thing!
  13. Let’s use the DMX Universe Merger in LED Mapper 3
  14. Using the soft edge (aka edge-blending) with the video mapper!
  15. Capture video without a capture card using NewTek NDI protocol on Windows!
  16. Using NDI to Syphon, we can capture ANY app on MacOS!

* Information on software is subject to change.