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Arkaos GrandVJ XT Video Manuals

GrandVJ is the easiest way to step into the Big Boy world of video!

This is the entire collection of video tutorials I’ve made so far, and below you can click to watch each individual video! Best of all, these videos are FREE!

Download SYPHON’S .QTZ plugin! HERE


  1. A quick look into a SIMPLE system to run Arkaos GrandVJ!
  2. Let’s look into the various parts of Arkaos GrandVJ
  3. Time to videomap!
  4. Let’s map a perfect circle!
  5. How to syphon VDJ or Serato video into Arkaos!
  6. Using the VideoMapper plugin to shape your video onto an odd-shaped screen!
  7. The crop panel allows you to map multiple screens as one!
  8. Let’s make an affordable but POWERFUL computer to run GrandVJ!
  9. Easy MIDI mapping!
  10. Let’s look at EXTRACT MATRIX and using GrandVJ with a second screen or even an iPad!
  11. Bouncing around from computer to computer? This video shows you how to use your same library no matter the folder location or OS!
  12. Check out the Autoplayer to help automate your shows!
  13. Output not full screen or appearing in the wrong screen? Fix it here!
  14. This new app (Android and iOS) allows you to visualize a KlingNet device for easy programming on the go!
  15. Capture video without a capture card using NewTek NDI protocol

* Information on software is subject to change.