My Traveling Med Bag – Zepol!

My Traveling Med Bag – Zepol!

I’m no doctor, but I have a few things in my medicine cabinet that helps me after every event. If you’re ever going to take my advice on anything, it’s this: ZEPOL.

You know the jokes about Vapo-Rub curing everything? It has NOTHING on Zepol. This amazing Menthol mix from Costa Rica has several purposes. Here’s how I’ve used it and how it as helped me:

1) Rub on joints and sore muscles for overnight relief
2) Inhale and rub under nose to clear your sinuses and stop a runny nose
3) Rub behind ears for ear aches
4) Rub on chest for bronchitis
5) Flu? Rub on feet and wear warm socks overnight

I cannot say enough good things about this miracle gel… and my friends who have used it will tell you the same. It’s not some crap that people push, and no there’s no lab test to prove everything I’ve said.. but I know it’s safe and I know it works.

Get it. Love it. Thank me later. Click the link below!

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