Arkaos Media Master Pro 5.1 Sneak Peek!

Arkaos Media Master Pro 5.1 Sneak Peek!

Just moments before the 5.1 Beta was released to the general public, I wanted to tease everyone with some new features. There are LOTS of surprises.. many which caught me off-guard (and I’m an insider!). Arkaos really outdid themselves here!

What can we expect in 5.1?

– New version of the Video Mapper with Soft-Edge and Geometric Correction
– Support for ArKaos’s new product Kling-Force LED
– Enhanced support of Kling-Net protocol and improved detection of Kling-Net devices.
– Added Custom Canvas Size in the Video Mapper for better control over the rendering resolution.
– Support for Mac OS X till 10.13
– Spout and Syphon Support exposed as a new folder in the Library
– Enhanced Art-Net support for unicast and broadcast.
– Improved support for multiple network interfaces.

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