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Kling-Net Video Manuals (ft. Arkaos LED Master)

Kling-Net makes LED mapping easier (and cheaper) than ever before! Want to see what KlingNet is all about?

This is the entire collection of video tutorials I’ve made so far, and below you can click to watch each individual video! Best of all, these videos are FREE!


  1. An introduction to Kling-Net
  2. Setting up Kling-Net for the first time
  3. Using multiple Kling-Net fixtures, Parts 1 & 2
  4. LED Master: Learn how to modify the built-in patterns and change the text, shape, and color!
  5. Learn what EZ Kling is and how to set it up!
  6. Learn how to merge DMX and Kling-net and why it’s awesome! (Requires Elation CompuShow)
  7. The Arkaos KlingForce LED will make your pixel-tape setup super easy, let’s take a look!
  8. Connect your Arkaos KlingForce LED to a power supply
  9. This new app (Android and iOS) allows you to visualize a KlingNet device for easy programming on the go!
  10. The KlingForce Simulator lets you premap your pixel tape without wiring a single thing!
  11. Connecting Elation Pixel WP tape to the Arkaos Kling Force LED driver

* Information on software is subject to change.