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ADJ MyDMX 2.1 Video Manuals

MyDMX 2.1 / Buddy Video Manuals!


MyDMX 2.1 brings powerful DMX features to a 3-step, easy-to-use layout!

This is the entire collection of video tutorials I’ve made so far, and below you can click to watch each individual video! Best of all, these videos are FREE!


  1. Let’s learn about the ADJ MyDMX interface!
  2. Let’s add lights to our MyDMX show!
  3. MyDMX has a visualizer; learn how to use it here!
  4. Let’s create a scene manually!
  5. Trigger scenes using your keyboard!
  6. Override values on your MyDMX scenes LIVE!
  7. Create an insanely powerful remote control on your iOS or Android device!

* Information on software is subject to change.