DJ Gig log – 10 Proms! | Confetti Blast May21

DJ Gig log – 1...

Our busiest weekend ever has 10 proms… did we survive?

Instant light show!! May18

Instant light show!!

Ever needed to set up a full light show but time was a factor? Here’s my light show that requires almost no wiring and sets up in minutes!!

Prom gig log | 3 minute setup for lights | 7.5′ ceilings! Apr10

Prom gig log | 3 min...

Gig Log | Prom but no DJ?! Mar25

Gig Log | Prom but n...

We drove 8 hours to STILL be in Florida, lol. This prom we provided everything BUT the DJ

DJ Gig Log | Prom with HUGE laser!!! Mar16

DJ Gig Log | Prom wi...

Check out Lake Region’s prom gig log! We used the X-Laser Skywriter HPX at full-blast!!!