Inside my DJ coffin! Sep26

Inside my DJ coffin!

Check out the inside of my heavily modified DJ coffin. What tips can you use from this video?  

Audio-Technica AT-XP turntable cartridges! Aug15

Audio-Technica AT-XP...

Audio-Technica has come out with TWO amazing DJ turntable cartridges/needles. This is a GREAT replacement for the Shure M44-7 (which has been aggravating me lately). See the full review AND comparison here!

Choosing the right M...

Gary Boss from Audio-Technica joins us as we chat the various kinds of mics and headphones and what’s best for your business. Also, get some insiders’ info on the 600mhz “buyout” by T-Mobile and what that means for us!  

Audio Technica ATH-M50X studio-quality headphones! Jan24

Audio Technica ATH-M...

I love these headphones and you will, too. Clean, flat sound and a comfortable wear. Check out the Audio-Technica M50X studio headphones.