Inside my DJ coffin! Sep26

Inside my DJ coffin!

Check out the inside of my heavily modified DJ coffin. What tips can you use from this video?  

Instant light show!! May18

Instant light show!!

Ever needed to set up a full light show but time was a factor? Here’s my light show that requires almost no wiring and sets up in minutes!!

Let’s build a truss pyramid! Nov17

Let’s build a ...

Let’s use the Global Truss America Book Corner Square to build a pyramid almost effortlessly!  

Industry Icon? It pissed off DJs?! A late night rant! Jul26

Industry Icon? It pi...

I did an experiment a few years back with the words “industry icon.” Let’s talk about what that means and why DJs just need to STFU and take a look at their own marketing.  

My Traveling Med Bag – Zepol! Jun02

My Traveling Med Bag...

I’m no doctor, but I have a few things in my medicine cabinet that helps me after every event. If you’re ever going to take my advice on anything, it’s this: ZEPOL. You know the jokes about Vapo-Rub curing everything? It has NOTHING on Zepol. This amazing Menthol mix from...

How bright or loud is a watt? It isn’t! Apr03

How bright or loud i...

A watt is NOT a measurement of brightness or volume.. so stop acting like it is!