ADJ Entour Cyclone – Review! Feb26

ADJ Entour Cyclone &...

The ADJ Entour Cyclone is an afforable high-grade stage fan for atmospherics, 4D effects, or simply blowing you away!

Bluepot! Feb19

Bluepot! <3

A powerful speaker and battery combo at a great price. Check out the amazing Bluepot speaker!   Click the video to go straight to YouTube to win a Bluepot of your own!   Buy...

12InchSkinz Review! Feb14

12InchSkinz Review!

Now THIS is a tough skin! It really puts ups with the toughest of DJ abuse. 12InchSkinz has skin for everything DJ related.. and then some! Check it out!  

KVANT ClubMax Walkth...

A thorough look (inside and out) of the ClubMax series lasers from Kvant featuring Justin Perry and Aaron McDonald from Pangolin.

Eliminator Trio Par LED and Trio Par RG Review! Jan05

Eliminator Trio Par ...

Eliminator Lighting’s Trio Par series get put to the test.. check it out!

PreSonus Air Review! Dec22

PreSonus Air Review!

The PreSonus Air15 and Air-18S are a powerful combo! This through (aka very long) review covers everything, right down the the build quality of the handles. There’s NO review quite like this one, and it’s only from Gear It First!